Memorial Hospital Pembroke Opens High-Tech, Integrated Operating Rooms

Technology Improves Physician Communication and Enhances Patient Safety

Thursday, May 16, 2013 5:07 pm EDT


Pembroke Pines, Fla.
"The technology also affords Memorial Hospital Pembroke the opportunity to invite residents and medical students into the virtual operating room beyond South Florida."

With the touch of a few buttons, electronic medical records provide doctors the convenience of viewing a patient’s entire medical history during a single visit. Now, the integrated operating rooms at Memorial Hospital Pembroke are allowing surgeons to link electronic records with a host of other technical capabilities, such as video recording and documentation, providing added benefits that enhance physician communication and patient safety.

“In the fully integrated operating room, the surgical team has easier access to patient data and more comprehensive information coming into and out of the procedure room, allowing our surgeons to raise the standard of care and safety for our patients,” said Brett Cohen, MD, medical director of Memorial Weight-Loss Surgery Program and physician champion of the integrated surgical initiatives at Memorial Hospital Pembroke. 

The Olympus Endoalpha TM Systems Integrated Operating Room, the first of its kind in South Florida, is controlled through a centralized touch screen, allowing for communication and documentation (patient information, data, equipment, resources and communication) to be coordinated with the complete range of medical equipment and peripheral systems in the operating room. This provides complete ergonomic control of the OR because all imaging and lighting equipment, video and data can be managed from both the sterile and non-sterile areas. In addition, boom-mounted monitors create a more efficient workspace that not only contribute to a more comfortable, convenient, and optimal viewing environment for medical staff, but also keep surgical environment safer.

“The benefits for patients are many from a safety perspective, but the integrated operating room also improves workflow by maximizing workspace,” Dr. Cohen said. “The technology also affords Memorial Hospital Pembroke the opportunity to invite residents and medical students into the virtual operating room beyond South Florida.”

The surgical team at Memorial Hospital Pembroke performs more than 4,500 surgeries each year using leading-edge technology, including more than 600 procedures using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques instead of traditional open surgery. Starting May 2013, plans are to also incorporate robotic surgery within the integrated environment of the operating room.

Benefits of Integrated Operating Room

Patient Benefits

  • Electronic medical records are accessed during surgical procedure 
  • Video recording and documentation of surgical procedure
  • Enhanced safety during procedure 
  • Enhanced surgical team collaboration during the procedure

Surgeon Benefits

  • Access to patient information during the procedure
  • Equipment control of monitors and settings
  • Real time teleconferencing, diagnosis, consultations and collaboration
  • Multiple monitor clinical displays
  • Access to archived and video of surgical procedures performed  
  • Improved workflow by maximizing the operating room suite workspace 
  • Enhanced efficiency by simultaneous operation of surgical equipment
  • Eliminates repetitive work by saving preferred equipment settings for each surgeon
  • Promotes safety through voice verification each time equipment settings are changed  

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